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Trust your business to the company that puts people before policies

Insuring your small business can be overwhelming. The challenge isn’t just finding an insurer who will cover your business — it’s finding the right amount of exposures so you can feel confident you’ll be protected, no matter what.
At iNeedCover, we get to know your business inside out so that every element that’s important to you is covered. Whether your most important assets are your employees, your equipment, or even your tastebuds*, we’ll make sure we understand all the risks to your business and sort out the perfect amount of cover.
*Yes, really! In 2002, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Holdings insured their official taste-tester’s legendary tastebuds for a whopping $1 million.
Not your everyday insurance provider

If you’ve ever hunted for insurance on your own, you might have struggled to understand whether your insurance is enough, whether the features will adequately cover your business or what the difference is between each option.

Rather than simply plugging your details into an automated search engine, it’s important that you work with a real human (not an online bot), who can offer you professional advice, understand exactly what you’re looking for to ensure you are paired with the perfect cover.

Our brokers are backed
by two of Australia’s most respected insurance networks

Our Insurance Brokers are all members of Community Broker Network (CBN) — Australia’s largest general insurance Authorised Broker network. CBN are part of Steadfast Australia’s largest general insurance broker network. You can trust the quality advice of our Insurance Brokers thanks to our strong history and reputation in the Aussie General Insurance Industry.

Our Insurance Brokers can access exclusive policy options that are only available to accredited brokers, allowing you to compare multiple policy options and choose the best cover for your business.

explore the insurance broker difference
how it works

Your backstage pass to getting your biz insurance sorted

Working with iNeedCover gives you behind-the-scenes access to the best possible advice and exclusive policies that aren’t available to the general public. Here’s how we’ll make sure your business behind is covered from every angle.

Tell us everything
To access customised business insurance options, we’ll need a few details from you. This includes basic information about your industry, contact details, and the type of cover you’re looking for.
Peek behind the curtain
Next, you’ll be able to see recommended policies based on your risk exposures, that businesses (just like yours!) have purchased. If you like what you see, submit an enquiry, and we’ll pair you with a specialist business Insurance Broker who will uncover your needs in more detail.
We’ll take a look under the hood
Your carefully chosen business Insurance Broker will perform a risk assessment of your business to understand the best course of action before we proceed. They’ll then provide you with professional insurance advice, tailored to your business — all completely free of charge!
Take your pick
Once we understand exactly what you’re after, your Insurance Broker will put together a number of insurance quotes all tailored to your requirements. Your Insurance Broker will walk you through each option, paired with specialist recommendations to help you make an informed decision. Once again, this is all a completely free service, right up until you decide to work with us!
Jump onboard
Once you’ve selected your coverage options, we’ll get to work setting up your policy, organising all the details that would otherwise steal valuable hours from your day. Once your cover is in effect, we’ll be by your side throughout the year, updating you on emerging risks to your business, answering any questions and staying prepared to support you in a claim if the need arises.
find my perfect policy

Not all polices are created equal. Get insurance based on reliable human advice, not hope.

Get covered
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